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About COST

What is COST

The Coordination of Services Team (COST) reviews and discusses student academic, emotional and behavioral concerns and generates interventions as needed. COST meetings are held once a week to review the cumulative records of students who demonstrate academic and/or behavior concerns. Our goal is to use data to collaboratively problem solve, troubleshoot, identify patterns and trends and come up with viable solutions to support the academic, emotional, behavioral, social and basic health needs of our students.


The Team together decides how to best serve the student, and suggests interventions based on data which often include; counselor check-in and follow-up with the student and family, initiating an SST (Student Support Team) meeting, outside referrals to agencies such as Alameda Family Services, referrals for individual in-school counseling with an MFTi from Asian Health Services, putting student on a Check In Check Out (CICO) system, requesting a home visit or McKinney Vento assistance from AUSD, referring student for group or individual counseling with a counseling intern, school psychologist intern or our school psychologist in addition to other interventions based on need, availability & parental consent.


The COST referrals are made by Wood staff on their own behalf as well as on the behalf of concerned parents and students.The COST Team consists of school administrators, school counselors, school psychologist, interns, school health assistant, student support provider, parent liaison and clinicians from partner agencies.