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Engineering Teacher
Contact Nga Nguyen  Nga Nguyen Math 8 CCSS, Technology and Design

Technology and Design (TAD)

Wheel - Engineering (Grade 6)

Engineering (Grades 7, 8)


Technology and Design (TAD) is a middle school level course that is appropriate for 6th to 8th grade students who are interested in design and engineering. The major focus of the TAD course is to expose students to design process, research and analysis, teamwork, communication methods, global and human impacts, engineering standards, and technical documentation. TAD gives students the opportunity to develop skills and understanding of course concepts through activity-, project-, and problem-based (APPB) learning. Used in combination with a teaming approach, APPB-learning challenges students to continually hone their interpersonal skills, creative abilities and understanding of the design process. It also allows students to develop strategies to enable and direct their own learning, which is the ultimate goal of education.   


Mr. Nguyen is currently teaching math, Japanese and engineering at Wood Middle School.  With the help of co-teacher, Ms. Mercedes, they created a Maker Space, called the TAD (Technology and Design) Lab. He developed a comprehensive hands-on engineering curriculum for the TAD classes that uses technology, like TinkerCAD, Scratch, Turtle Arts and 3-D printing, to assist learners in designing and make projects.

When he is not teaching, Mr. Nguyen can be seen jogging Alameda beach, biking in the Oakland hills, swimming at the local pool, spending time with his wife and daughter, or walking around in geeky Star Wars outfits.

Harvard Project Zero and Agency By Design

Harvard Project Zero and Agency By Design support our TAD curriculum