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Music Teacher
Contact Anselmo Reis  Anselmo Reis Band; Concert Band & Guitar


Beginning Band (Grades 6, 7, 8) -- Concert Band (Grades 7, 8)

Beginning Guitar (Grades 7, 8) -- Volunteer Before School – Carolers


All classes utilize a sequential method of teaching to develop and nurture a lifelong love of the subject, as well as making connections to other disciplines and life experiences.


Music instructor, Mr. Reis, developed the first U.C. system-approved curriculum for class guitar instruction.  This curriculum is used to teach music at Wood Middle School.  He teaches students how to read music and identify rhythms, articulations, and dynamics.  These skills prepare students to learn new and challenging pieces for the spring concert.  Currently, guitar classes are in rehearsal to perform at “Night of the Arts” to be held in March.


Several events and projects are planned in collaboration with the art and drama programs.  Events include a field trip to see a local performance of the musical “All Shook Up”, and attendance at the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon.  Projects include designing and painting a school mural, and writing and performing original music for a spring play.  Students also have a chance to volunteer as carolers every year.