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English Language Arts

English Language Arts Teachers
Contact Lauri Costigan  Lauri Costigan Teacher
Contact Ellen Mulholland  Ellen Mulholland (510) 748-4015 ex: 211 Designated ELD and 6th Grade ELA Teacher
Contact Romeo Ponsaran  Romeo Ponsaran (510) 748-4015 ex: 207 7th Grade English and Chess
Contact Marcelle Trzcinski  Marcelle Trzcinski Teacher

English Language Arts

The English department curriculum spirals to develop three main tasks:

  • Comprehension of text
  • Interpretation of text
  • Writing.  

Our goal as a department is to: nurture students’ growth, both academically and personally, to become lifelong readers, writers and learners; to continue to create a seamless transition from 6th through 8th grades and to high school readiness; to lessen the achievement gap; and to deepen our collaboration with other subjects.  English courses contribute to numerous aspects of general education at Wood Middle School.  It is our responsibility to provide opportunities in our classrooms for students to build the skills needed to understand the meaning of difficult texts from any source.  The literary works in our curriculum explore diverse works that mirror the cultural, social, economic, and artistic diversity of our community.


The English department works together to create a place for rigorous and effective lessons to engage students and meet the needs of all our learners!  We also help prepare students to work towards their 8th Grade Portfolio project each year.