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Matt Geesey - 7th Grade History

Judith Ganley - 6th Grade History

Brian Kornow - 6th Grade History & 8th Grade History

Connie Luong - 7th Grade History

Paul Moreno - 8th Grade History

Ancient World History -- Medieval History -- U.S. History

The History Department at Wood Middle School offers a comprehensive study of various history subjects.  Some of the key techniques and strategies the instructors use are group reading and discussion; a technique called Think-Pair-Share (an activity where a question is posed to students that they must consider alone and then discuss with a neighbor before settling on a final answer, providing student motivation and promoting higher-level thinking);  visual/artistic interpretation of historical concepts and cause-effect links; text interpretation and summarization; imaginative exploration of perspective on different world events; comparative historical analysis of cultural features of civilization; and a focus on historical thinking skills.  The History Department seeks to develop the students’ critical thinking in a historical context including interpretation of primary sources and consideration of multiple perspectives on events.


Online History Textbook

Students can access their history book online here.


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6th Grade History:

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7th Grade History:

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8th Grade History:

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