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Nga Nguyen Locker
8/24/12 7:08 AM
10/10/13 8:02 AM
Clone Nguyen
Clone Nguyen

Nga Nguyen

Who is Mr. Nguyen?

Nga Nguyen is a veteran teacher of twenty-one years.  He started his teaching career as a Vietnamese bilingual elementary school teacher in Oakland. On his teaching journey, Mr. Nguyen has developed and taught multiple innovative classes, such as Japanese language and culture and Integrated Science through technology. For three years, he assisted in the creation of the K-12 charter school Nea Community Learning Center in Alameda.  
He is currently teaching math, Japanese and engineering at Wood Middle School.  With the help of co-teacher, Ms. Mercedes, they created a Maker Space, called the TAD Lab. The two instructors developed curriculum for a pair of hands-on engineering Technology and Design (TAD) classes, from ground zero in thirteen weeks.  
When he is not teaching, Mr. Nguyen can be seen jogging Alameda beach, biking in the Oakland hills, swimming at Dimond Park, spending time with his wife and daughter, or walking around in geeky
Star Wars outfits.

CCSS Math 8