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Kasey Brown - Math 6

Nga Nguyen - Math 8

Mike Tzou - Math 6 & Accelerated 7

Solomon Wong - Math 8 & Geometry

Linda Zhang - Math 7

Math Texts are Online!


Math 6, 7, and 8 students: You can access your Math textbook online and with an app. Here you can find worked out solutions to problems, videos to show you how to do problems, self test quizzes that are graded instantly, and more!



App: search "connected" in the App Store

         Get McGraw-Hill K-12



first 3 letters of first name, first 3 letters of last name, last 3 numbers of student ID


Example Student: John Doe 14572

Username: johdoe572


Password: beaver1 (all lower case)


After you login, you will see your textbook. Click on the textbook to explore, and open the e-book to see your book.


If you have trouble logging in or cannot see your textbook after you login, email your teacher.


Get stronger in math using DigitWhiz

DigitWhiz is all about making sure that kids Build Rock Solid Math Skills in a fun way!  DigitWhiz is a free, games based, online math program created by Wood math teacher, Ms. Kasey Brown. They evaluate, prescribe individualized games and guide kids to master the skills they need. DigitWhiz adapts as students make progress. Teacher-built and kid approved!  Desktop and iPad versions are available. Sign up for DigitWhiz here!


Math Teachers
Contact Kasey Brown  Kasey Brown Math Course I; 6th Grade Math Support
Contact Randall Covey  Randall Covey (510) 748-4015 Math and Science
Contact Matthew Eding  Matthew Eding Algebra 1; Geometry
Contact Nga Nguyen  Nga Nguyen Math 8 CCSS, Technology and Design
Contact Amy Liu  Amy Liu Teacher

Why some girls don't like math

Actress Danica McKellar (Winnie on the "Wonder Years") has taken up the call to speak out for girls who love math, hate it, or are caught somewhere in the middle. She has written two books, "Math Doesn't Suck" and "Kiss My Math". The series is written for girls ages 10 -14.Read an interview with her here.