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Marci Nettles - 6th Grade

Ellie Stewart - 8th Grade

Eric Robbins - 7th & 8th Grade

Naveed Zainab - 6th & 7th Grade

Science @ WMS

  • Earth Science 
  • Life Science 
  • Physical Science
  • Service-Learning Waste Reduction Project (SLWRP) elective wheel

Some of the techniques and strategies taught in the science department include the incorporation of math strategies, data analysis in content enrichment, laboratory investigations, literacy support using current events and science-based articles enhancing content, weekly to biweekly laboratory investigations, incorporation of technology through Discovery Education, BrainPop, and research lessons in the computer lab.  All grades use triple beam balance and other measuring tools of science, and learn to use lab safety techniques and equipment.  The 7th graders use microscopes and will perform dissections in spring.



SLWRP – The Service Learning Waste Reduction Project is a collaboration of  the county office of education and Waste Management ( with high school and middle schools throughout the East Bay.  Schools collaborate to reduce waste on their campus and spread the word to reduce and use less in the community. 


The mission statement at Will C. Wood:
Wood students C.A.N. (consciousness, action, now) use less, recycle more and work to keep our San Francisco Bay healthy and pollution free.
Science Teachers
Contact Steven Long  Steven Long 6th & 7th Grade Science
Contact Pamela Schaffer  Pamela Schaffer 8th Grade Science
Contact Jennifer VerDuin  Jennifer VerDuin 6th Grade Science; SLWRP
Contact Naveed Zainab  Naveed Zainab 7th & 8th Grade Science