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English Language Development


Abigail Korver - Newcomers Program & Beginners ELD

Ellen Mulholland - Intermediate ELD

Cristina Quezon - ELD

Basic Beginning English as a Second Language

ELD offers an intermediate English language development class and an advanced 3rd level English language development class.

Some of the techniques implemented are total physical response, choral reading strategies, pair-shared reading strategies, timed readings, phonics and vocabulary building, dramatizations, sentences building cards, grammar studies based on level, writing through being there experiences, journal writing, author a story book, discovery education videos, power point presentations, play “Build a word/phrase/idiomatic expression game”, learn songs, and puppet shows.  Students learn to give and follow directions, one word stories, one phrase stories, interactive games, and watch English movies with English sub titles.

Some of the exciting projects completed within the school year are a country project (different world countries), research and prepare a LAP Book History Project, orally present their “represented country”, prepare a “country brochure” and pick a monument or place of interest to make a miniature model for the Wood Middle School Museum, prepare a recipe page for a favorite food from your country, the Body Project (silhouette and label), a Southshore Mall scavenger hunt, and secret snowman exchanges.

The department also offers Practice Test Prep questions, interview practice and resume writing.  Assistance with the portfolio graduation requirement is also an important part of the curriculum.  The afterschool enrichment and tutorial classes meet twice per week to help with difficult areas of instruction.

The ELD department also incorporates fun activities such as indoor and outdoor excursions to places such as the ice skating rink, bowling alley, ice cream making, farmers market and city scavenger hunts.

In the future, the department plans to compile a recipe book with favorite meals, mini-books, puppet shows, sing-a-longs (karaoke style), Chinese New Year celebration, Dia de Los Muertos, and studies of American holidays and traditions.

The students move from ELD to mainstream proficient in about 1.5 to 4 years if they begin in 6th grade and stay with the program.  Former students have applied to U.C.s and prestigious four year universities by their junior year in high school.

The staff in this department has over 29 years in English and World Language.

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